About Me: The Painted Flower Blossoms

Hi! I'm Sandra Wagner, The Painted Flower's one and only. If you order from my shop, your glass will be painted by me here in my studio in northern California. My painting has gone through many stages over the years, from fine art, graphic design, children's illustration, and gift wrap design, to decorative painting.

During my 10 year stint as editor of Wood Strokes and Holiday Painting Magazines, I was introduced to decorative painting and found my niche painting on wine glasses, jars, bottles, vases.... anything that was glass!

Painting wine glasses for my daughter's wedding brought rave reviews and many requests from family and friends. A few months later, I was invited to attend a local Bridal Show but had no samples. A few weeks of frantic painting later, I had a full display of various wedding glasses and had a very successful show! 

In 2008, I  opened my e-commerce shop: The Painted Flower and then thepaintedflower on Etsy. In addition to my on-line shops, I stay busy painting for Wines of California, a shop on Pier 39 in San Francisco and Hannah Nicole Vinyards; a winery in Brentwood, CA. I'm truly blessed to be able to do what I love!